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Team Parent

Watch this video first to learn how to log in.

If you are unsure how lo log in to edit your team's page, visit this link.

Team Parent Videos - Editing Website Information

This link takes you to a page where there are videos (no audio) showing you how to edit information for your team.

Visit this site to see how to:

  • Log In
  • Enable EDIT mode
  • Add games to a schedule
  • Add scores to a game
  • Edit game information
  • Delete a game
  • Add a calendar event
  • Edit a calendar event

Please make the videos full screen for best viewing. The videos do not have any audio, so no need to adjust your volume.  Please follow the "clicks" that I do in the videos. Videos with oral instructions will be available in the near future, but for now these videos should help get you going on things.

I apologize for the blurry nature of the videos. That is out of my control at this time. I am working to make them clearer.

Please email me if there is something you wish to do with your team page but there is no video showing you how to do it.

Mike Plocher - Website Manager

Adding Games to your Team Page

To keep things consistent across the levels of teams, please use the three letter abbreviations found on the www.mnyouthsoccer.org  website when you are adding games and your team website asks for a 6 letter or less team abbreviation.

Here is the link:

The link lists the field directory for the soccer clubs in Minnesota, but team abbreviations are listed so it makes sense to use them.

NUS = New Ulm

OTHER EXAMPLES: FMT = Fairmont, LSR = Le Sueur, STP = St. Peter, MNK = Mankato, etc.

You should then add age level and B, G, or C for Boys, Girls, or Co-Ed.

Here is how it would look then on the main website page when the box scores for the week are listed:

NUS10B for New Ulm 10 Boys
FMT14B, FMT14G or FMT14C for Fairmont U14 Boys, Fairmont U14 Girls or Fairmont U14 Co-Ed.