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Background Check and Certifications

Admin Requirements

A background check is required for all board members, head or assistant coaches, team parents and helpers.  It is required even if you have a background check with church, another association, etc.  Please contact Rachel Cunningham when you have completed the background check and if you have any questions! rdcunningham81@gmail.com

2022 Club Requirements

  1. Approved Background Check (MYSA valid through 12/31/2022 & SMSL valid through 7/31/2022)
  2. Valid Concussion Training Certificate (valid for 3 years)
  3. Valid SafeSport Training Certificate (valid for 1 year, then complete refresher)


These three requirements must be completed before beginning any activity with the club.  Board members not involved with coaching or helping on the field only need a valid background check.

Background Check:

Minnesota State Law and MYSA/SMSL Policy require that all adult participants have an approved background check before they participate in any MYSA/SMSL activity. 

All adults must complete a background check after November 1, 2021 in order to be eligible for participation in the spring 2022 or fall 2022 season.

U4-U10 coaches, team parents and board members:

Please follow this link to begin your background check.

U11-U18 coaches and team parents:

1. Click here to start the background check:

2.       Select the club league you are applying for (required):

First, select the State -  Select: Minnesota

Registration Type -  Select: “Coach” or “Team Administrator

Club – Select “Southern Minnesota – 1” (The league of clubs)

3.       Proceed and complete all requirements of the application. Be sure to use the same email and personal information you have provided your club.

4.       Results of your Background Check along with a registration number will be sent to the league and subsequently your club.

5.       Check with your Club Registrar prior to any work with players in your club. You need to be confirmed as clear prior to working with youth. 

Concussion Training and Safesport:

Concussion training:

Minnesota State Law and MYSA/SMSL Policy require that all adult participants complete the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s HEADS UP Concussion Training every three years.

Make sure to check your concussion training certificate to see if it is outdated. The training can be found on the CDC’s website here.



Upon completion of your training, you will receive a certificate of completion that must be uploaded into your MYSA/SMSL account for your club to validate:

  1. Login to your MYSA account or SMSL Account and go to your Certificates tab.
  2. Click on the appropriate box to upload your file, click choose file, choose the appropriate file to upload, click on the green “Upload Image” button. The pop-up box will close and your certificate will replace the generic upload certificate picture that was previously in the box.