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Volunteer Information



To claim DIBS hours, remember to login and select the DIBS tab.


Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer Hours Requirement

  • Volunteer check required (only cashed if you do not complete your volunteer hours by the end of the year): $200

  • Each family will be required to complete 1 full volunteer opportunity (approx 10 hours).  Each of the volunteer opportunities are given the value of 1/2 or 1.  For example: your family will need to complete 2 - 1/2 opportunities or 1 full opportunity.  The board feels this is an easier method to keep track of your hours.

  • If the full volunteer opportunities are not completed, the full $200 check amount will be deposited.

  • Board members, coaches, assistant coaches, team parents do not need to complete extra hours.  Being in one of these positions fulfills your hours.

  • All opportunities are available under the Dibs tab at the top of the webpage.  You will have to create an account, if you don't already have one and sign up for the opportunity.  There is also the option to select Volunteer Hour Payout on registration to cover the volunteer requirement.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Home Show concessions and booth

  • Drop in night

  • Gerten's flower sale

  • Yearly picnic

  • Brown County Fair

  • Coach

  • Assistant coach

  • Team parent

  • Board Openings:

    Volunteer Coordinator, NUHS Liaison, Member-at-Large