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Annual Board Meeting

  Sunday, August 16

  6-8 pm

  Location: German Park


September 8 thru October 29

6-7 pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Open to children ages 4-12

Fee: $50 includes a jersey




  The New Ulm United Soccer Club Board extends its best wishes to everyone and we hope your summer is as enjoyable as it can be! The COVID Pandemic has caused us to cancel our spring/summer season, but we are optimistic we may be able to have a “REC only” fall season. There have been some administrative changes on the Board since June 1, 2020. Notably, our past Board President, Mike Shanemann has stepped back and I, Dave Munson, have been nominated as Interim President of the Board. I want to thank Mike for all his hard work and dedication to the Club during his tenure. All of the Board positions will become available at the Annual Meeting which will be held in August. We will be accepting bids for all Board positions. The positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer will require a vote of those in attendance at the Annual Meeting. All terms will be for a period of one year. Those currently serving on the Board may retain their positions if no one else shows interest and if they agree to do so. The Planning Committee is preparing for the 2020 Annual Meeting. Please watch for more information. If you would like to be considered for a Board position, email the Association at newulmaysa@gmail.com and state your interest. As the Interim Board President, I will tell you we have incredible volunteers working on the Board. The “state” of our club is very good and can only get better! I value everyone’s input in the organization. Moving forward, ALL decisions about the Club will be made by the Board. We must have the support of our members, especially in the volunteer capacity for setting up and maintaining the soccer fields, which lasts for seven months every year from April thru October. I look forward to serving the organization through the elections at the Annual Meeting in August! I seek and request everyone’s commitment to good communication and transparency, and we will be addressing some much-needed changes to our Bylaws so we can operate effectively and keep this organization running strong and true!


David E. Munson, Interim President New Ulm United Soccer Club


New Ulm United Soccer Club,

The following letter is in response to the “Save Our Organization” email sent out by an anonymous person to the entire membership in February of 2020. Whoever the anonymous person was, they made no attempt to seek clarity from anyone on the Board relative to their questions/issues.
The email raised concerns about our equipment and labor costs, particularly, monies paid to a member of the Board for labor. Equipment costs vary year to year depending on whether major expenditures must be spent on items such as lawn mowers, line painters, golf carts, nets, etc. A new golf cart ($4,100) and a new zero-turn lawn mower ($5,585) were purchased last year. Both items were approved by the Board prior to purchasing them. These expenses are necessary for the continued operation of the Club. Facility costs such as equipment maintenance, field upkeep, garbage, field paint, porta-potty rental, Vogel court rental, utilities, gas, nets, stakes, field equipment and field labor add up very quickly.
With regards to the labor costs, we have had four Field Directors over the past 15-20 years. The Field Director oversees setting up the fields, painting the fields, mowing, and maintaining the nets among many other things. For many years Field Directors worked on a “volunteer basis”. Several years ago, the Board voted to pay the Field Directors and others for their time as they typically end up dedicating 10-15 hours per week to the organization throughout an entire summer season so kids can play soccer.
Preparing and maintaining approximately 15-20 soccer fields for seven months a year is extremely demanding, and it requires a lot of time and money. MLC mows the soccer fields but not always in time to support our Club’s needs for games. We purchased our own lawn mower to ensure our fields are ready when the games are scheduled. The City of New Ulm does not provide any financial or physical support to our organization. (Another issue we could/would/should all get behind!) We would prefer to have a volunteer army of field help, but the reality is we need to pay for the labor costs. For comparison, Mankato Soccer Club spends more than $40K per year on fields and facility expenses. Last year our organization cashed in approximately 40 of the submitted $200 volunteer checks.
Our Board meetings are open to our entire membership. If you would like to attend a meeting, the date, time, and location of the next meeting is posted to our website (newulmsoccer.org). We have always encouraged our members to become active in our Board.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit our website and click the CONTACT link.

Best regards,

New Ulm United Soccer Club Board

Dibs Signup Opportunity

New volunteer opportunities have been posted on Dibs. Login at the top of the screen and select the "Dibs" tab to view the current opportunities.

Thank you

New Ulm United Soccer Board

Greetings Soccer Families -

If you haven't picked up your classic uniform or fan gear yet, please contact Tami at 507-217-0442 as it will be your responsibility to arrange for a pickup time and location.

Thank you!

New Ulm United Soccer Board

Summer Soccer Season Update

The NU United Soccer Board is sad to report that the summer season for rec and classic levels will be cancelled due to COVID-19. Our first priority is to ensure the safety of our players, parents, coaches and referees and we are not sure that can happen with the type of sport we play. Registration fees will be refunded. The refunds will be given by check or online refund. 

As we are forced to slow down because of this virus, we feel this has given us a good opportunity to fill and train for vacant board positions for when we can start up again. We are looking for a Vice President, Treasurer, Registrar, and a person in charge of Communications. Filling board positions has been an overwhelming need in the past few years. Board positions are for a three year term. Please strongly consider if you are able to help in this way as, if we continue to struggle with filling these positions, our organization may need to re-evaluate our ability to run a cohesive and functional soccer program. Please respond via email to newulmaysa@gmail.com if you might be interested in one of these positions. 

There are some online training opportunities if your player would like to work on skills over the summer. Our website has more information on these, and you will find it on the home page called MOTI Sports and MYSA.

We are really hoping we will be able to play in the fall! Have a great summer and stay healthy!

New Ulm United Soccer Board

Play at Home

New Ulm Soccer Play at Home


MYSA partnered with MOTI Sports to offer our Foundation Soccer Skills package for FREE!

Foundation Foot Skills Trainings
3D trainings allow players to view the video from any angle using just their fingertips. Get some quality touches on the ball, time yourselves, and see how many repetitions you can do in a set time while you are home or in the backyard! 


  1. Download on iTunes or Google to download the free app (or search for Moti Sports in the app store)
  2. Touch "I am new to MOTI Mobile"
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Use promotional code mysa2020
  5. Scroll down and use the 3D Foot skills to refine your player techniques. 

Practice safe social distancing, staying safe and having fun!

New Ulm United Soccer Club - MYSA - MOTI Sports - Practice Skills at Home


10 Turns to Change Direction with the Ball

5 Combination Skills

Train Like A Premier Player

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