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General information about New Ulm Soccer


The New Ulm United Soccer Club (NUUSC) wants to remind all players, parents, and spectators what you do on the sidelines directly reflects on NUUSC’s image. While watching games, please be respectful of the other spectators, be respectful of the other team, and be respectful of the officials.

The following rules apply to all NUUSC players, parents, and spectators and include but are not limited to:

Will treat referees with respect, regardless of their age and decisions.

Will NOT make negative remarks about nor harass players, referees, coaches, or other spectators.

Will NOT make negative remarks on any SOCIAL MEDIA FORUM that harasses players, referees, coaches, or any other spectators.

Will stay a safe distance away from the touchline on their side of the field.

Will NOT enter the field of play without the permission of the referee – even for an injury.

Will encourage good sporting conduct.

Will NOT coach or instruct players from the sideline.

Will NOT use nor be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at practices or games.

Will NOT threaten, harass, or intimidate soccer officials in any way before, during and after any games.

Will NOT use offensive, profane, vulgar language at practices or games.

Infractions of the above-cited could result in soccer matches being suspended due to poor spectator behavior until the spectator leaves the area.

Additionally, any reported incidents of misconduct by any NUUSC member (players, parents, family members, coaches, and Board Members) may be further investigated and could result in sanctions being levied by the NUUSC Board of Directors.


The New Ulm United Soccer Club is a non-profit parent run organization.  Summer soccer available to ages 4-19 and fall soccer available to ages 4-12.