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This is the online site that our referees must use to sign-up for matches. Once you sign up our referee assignor will let you which games you will be reffing.

Brigette Cooper

New Ulm Soccer - Referee Assignor

Referee Match Abuse Report Form

This form is for reporting match abuse of an official. This form will be submitted to the entire membership of the State Referee Committee (SRC) and the selected assignor for the match. Details of this report will be investigated in a timely manner and will be shared with the club that the accused party represents. The SRC will make the utmost effort to provide the reporter with the outcome of our investigation. As governance over punishment of spectators, coaches, and players is organized by the competition authority, the SRC cannot guarantee that the outcome will be shared. It is possible that not even the SRC will be provided with details of the action taken. We can assure you that the SRC will act in a timely manner and will be very aggressive in defending the integrity of the match official(s).

Minnesota State Referee Committee Website

Helpful information about certification clinics. Visit the Minnesota State Referee Committee to sign up for a referee clinic. Referee re-certification for those who are already Grade 8 referees can be done completely online. Grade 9 referees still need to complete their online work then attend a classroom session.

Explanation of Grade Levels for Referees

What's a "grade 8" ref or a "grade 9" ref? US Youth Soccer explains the designations at this site.

FIFA Laws of the Game

From the FIFA home page.

Soccer Referee Information

General soccer referee information.